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Artist Spotlight - Christian McLeod

Christian McLeod

"Painting is my way of remembering and interpreting beauty and destruction. I begin by viewing reality as composed of layers of colour and shape, observing the way light reflects off an object, and the tension objects generate when placed next to or on top of each other. Landscapes from a great distance become a single object. 


I try to capture the shift between perceiving the landscape as an organic whole, and seeing the particles that comprise it – buildings, rivers, vehicles, birds, harbours, roadways, minerals, machinery, aircraft, farms, data cables, people in movement.
Heaps of paint are placed, plotted and pushed. For some works this process can take years. For others, the image forms within days. 


I love the tactile movement of paint across the canvas, but fully half my time in the studio is spent looking, searching the surface of the painting for points of entry. Paintings are worked and reworked, images accumulate. I tend to work on several pieces simultaneously, exploring different themes in each one.


This exhibition, ‘Passing Over,’ contains works created within the last several years. The title refers to my interest in the shift between macro and micro views – 


a century and a half ago, photography liberated painting from the task of representation; today, satellite imagery redefines how we perceive our landscape and environment, and thus blurs the line between abstraction and representation. 


I operate in that gap between abstraction and representation, between the bird’s-eye view and the microscope." 
- Christian McLeod, March 31, 2010

View his website here

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The Stand

Black Sketchbook

I'm amazed at the realism of this!  It has just enough "painterly" qualities that you know it's a painting, but it's so very photographic.  Wow!

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Artist Spotlight - Karen Jurick








If you have time, check out more of her work here!

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Art Opportunities

L. Daniel

Up until recently, I wasn't sure how to find out about art competitions and shows.  I asked Rachel and she gave me some links that I thought I'd share with y'all.  Good luck!

Art Deadlines

Guild members - Check your inbox.  I've forwarded some stuff from the ALA to you!

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Feature Friday

Foggy Morning

And if you're in the Little Rock area, make sure to stop by and support Jeannie and Rachel at the ALA art show opening at the Cantrell Gallery from 6-8 pm!

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Feature Friday

Maysel Teeter 1

If you're in the Russellville area, make sure to check out the Downtown Art Walk tonight from 5-8 pm!

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Creative Space


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Artist Spotlight - Karen Appleton

I discovered Karen Appleton almost a year ago when I first started oil painting.  I was looking for some inspiration online, and somehow her worked popped up in google.  And I'm so glad it did!


Perhaps you remember that adorable little present with the skull and crossbones wrapping paper from last weeks Get Inspired post?  Yep, that's a Karen Appleton!


So I took a trip over to her blog and found many more presents!  And learned about her Present and Accounted For Project.  It's one of the best things I've ever heard!  She sends present all over the world, and the recipients take a photo and pass them on.  (I'm thinking I would like to put in a request for a present myself!)

Untitled 4

Also on her blog, she provides some insight into her creative process.  I'm so impressed by her ability to create such fresh and elegant images!


I would love to receive one of these beautiful packages (what IS inside??), but her paintings are absolutely stunning!

presage hope

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Artist Spotlight - Cari Humphry

I've had this pig saved in my pinterest for quite a while now.  I've always loved how he looks so soft and lovable, but he's really a stinky little pig.

Cari Humphry 2

Well, come to find out, this painting that I love was done by Cari Humphry - a local Arkansas artist from Fayetteville!

Cari Humphry 5

I just love her loose, bold strokes.  And her paintings, though many are of cows or chickens or even tomatoes, feel so fresh!

Cari Humphry 4

I especially love this dog with his goggles.  I figure he's probably getting ready to fly his plane over to Razorback Stadium to see the Hogs play!

Cari Humphry 1

And the movement of these boys jumping in the water is great!

Cari Humphry 3

Cari has an etsy shop, a blog, and website!  Go get inspired by her work!

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Source: None via Zesty on Pinterest

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Feature Friday

Betty Huett

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Creative Space

Buddha Interiors


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