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Artist Spotlight - Joshua Flint

I first saw Joshua Flint's paintings on Pinterest and FELL IN LOVE!!  He has the most beautiful brush strokes, and his compositions invite you in!

"People are forever fascinating.  I am compelled to paint them.  My pursuits are driven by my curiosities about the world around me; about our nature, about our character, about our ambitions, both individually and collectively. 

The work I do explores people and place.  Sometimes these elements collide, other times they remain solitary; leaving the viewer with a sense of how we see ourselves and how others view us.  Human beings in a myriad of possible lights and angles, whether beautiful, hopeful, downtrodden, defeated, or indifferent.  

There are so many moments in our lives that are telescoped into a single pose.  My paintings take that one hour, that one moment, that certain dream you would forget if you didn’t get it down fast enough and give it a face, a home, a story.

The figurative work I do allows both myself and the viewer to stop time for a while and focus on the lifetime of events, in all of our lives, that often remain undocumented.

Painting an environment or exploring a figure gives me insight I wouldn’t receive in any other way.  It allows me to have multiple dialogues at the same time.  One with the subject matter, one with the paint, and one with myself.  Culminating a new perspective about all three." - Joshua Flint, artist statement via Robert Lange Studios

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Life is Art

Source: via Zesty on Pinterest

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Creative Space

Source: via Zesty on Pinterest

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Love this wonderful painting by Ivan Slavinsky!

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Beth Whitlow Participates in Dallas Show!

September 9 was the opening reception for the Irving Art Association's Unconditional Love Show.  One of our artists, Beth Whitlow, had two pieces accepted to the show.  She and some other wonderful artists from the guild went down for the weekend!

Beth with her paintings at the show.

left image: "I would expect you to treat me no differently than the Queen." - Margeaux
right image: "They said there would be a sit-down meal, but all they served was light hors d'oeuvres." - Sadie

2012 Pet Art Show Reception
image via IAA

The whole group - Sherry Killingsworth, Beth Whitlow, Bonnie Haines, Josh Whitlow, and Sandi Whitlow - at the show waiting for the festivities to begin!

Beth and her husband, Josh

It was a wonderful show, and everyone enjoyed seeing art from all over the country!

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A Simple Mason Jar

It's not always what you paint, but how you paint it...

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