Sunday, April 29, 2012

Artist Spotlight - Sharon Schock

I've been loving the wonderful light on these paintings by California artist, Sharon Schock!

Source: via Zesty on Pinterest

"I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful area, there are SO many things that inspire me here.  Tall palm trees contrasted against the sky, seaside cliffs, adorable bright buildings, quaint little towns.  My goal is to isolate and build upon things that I find beautiful, things that others may have overlooked." - Sharon Schock  

See more of her work on her website or buy some pieces in her etsy shop!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Local Art Show a Smashing Success!

This past Sunday was the opening reception for "Speak to Me" by Beth Whitlow and "Just Breathe" by Jeannie Stone at the Arkansas River Valley Arts Center.

[Jeannie and Beth before the show]

We really could not have asked for a better turnout!

Photo Stream-636

It really felt like the whole town came out to show their support!

Photo Stream-612
[Emory Molitor, recent inductee to the Beaux Arts Academy for her work in performing arts]

Photo Stream-606

And many members from the Lemley House were there too!

Photo Stream-602

Photo Stream-605
[Troy and Sandi Whitlow]

Photo Stream-607
[Joy Mason and her sister]

And, of course, Betty LaGrone, executive director for the ARV Arts Center, and one of our lovely hostesses, Amy Whitlow.

Photo Stream-609

Jeannie and I were so pleased to see so many of our wonderful friends there!


Photo Stream-608

If you or someone you know would still like to view the show, it will be up all month at the River Valley Art Center.  So hop on over and take a look!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alternative Ways to Market Artwork

 Opening this month's Country Living, I was struck by a wonderful monthly segment called "Making a Country Living."

Camera Roll-181

I often try to think of alternative ways to sell my art.  Most artists offer prints and note cards because most people can't afford original pieces. But why limit ourselves?  There are so many other ways to market our artwork.  I've actually put my art on handmade throw pillows before, but I used iron-on transfer paper.  I LOVE the idea of having an original fabric made!  

Most recently I created an iPhone cover from Zazzle.  I love that I can carry my art around with me and market myself everywhere I go.  And speaking of marketing, why not offer buttons (if your artwork is conducive to this) or totebags?  Many people would love to carry around a small piece of happiness!

All that being said, it is important to remember not to sell out or make yourself look cheap.  Pick one or two things.  Selling online?  Offer a couple postcards or a button with a sold piece to entice buyers back.  Going to art fairs, how about small magnets?  Your target audience will take these pieces home and see them everyday.  And maybe when they need a present or just something fun for themselves, they'll be back because they just can't get enough!


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