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Artist Spotlight - Angela Moulton

I found Angela Moulton on Pinterest!  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  I love her amazing art!  It is so loose and fun!

"I have been a full-time artist for 9 years.  My interests lie mainly in nature-inspired art such as landscapes, gardens, birds, and animals." - Angela Moulton

Source: via Zesty on Pinterest

She has an etsy shop, Pratt Creek Art, where she sells her original oil paintings and prints.

See more of her work here.

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And the winner is....

A while back we announced a giveaway.  All you had to do to enter was fan us on Facebook.  Well this morning we reached 250 fans, so I wrote down all the names and put them in a bowl.

Proof that the names are actually in the bowl...

And then I closed my eyes and drew a name...

Who's it gonna be? Are you just DYING to know yet??

And the winner is...

Philip Gray!!!!

(Philip, please get us your info so we can get you your painting!!)  

Thank you everyone!  We feel so blessed to have so many wonderful fans!  And if you didn't win, stay tuned - we planned to have more giveaways in the future!!

Feature Friday

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Artist Spotlight - Eric Zener

I'm loving these amazing paintings by Eric Zener!  The angles are so cool, and his technique is beautiful!

Source: via Zesty on Pinterest

"My work reflects our collective desire for transformation into something ideal.  I seek to create a sense of sanctuary, often using the figure in water, sleep, journeys and nature as a metaphor for renewal and reprise.  I believe that even in it's ephemeral state, these places lift us, freeing us from the weight of our world." - Eric Zener

Source: via Zesty on Pinterest

I love even more that we can visit the Zener Art Group on Facebook and see the pics he uses to create these amazing pieces!

Source: via Zesty on Pinterest

Source: via Zesty on Pinterest

See more of his work here.

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Salon Style Sunday

Source: via Zesty on Pinterest

Don't forget to enter our GIVEAWAY!!  All you have to do is "LIKE" us Facebook!  When we reach 250 fans we will announce the winner of a FREE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING here on the blog!

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We love the Farmers' Market!

Source: via Zesty on Pinterest

Have we mentioned that the Tri Peaks Community Market is located right outside our studio door?!  Many Saturday mornings you can see our artists painting on the sidewalk!

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