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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Artist Spotlight - Bill Braun

"The work of Bill Braun will not only fool you, but will utterly amaze you.  


"Trompe l'Oeil"  is the formal term, meaning to trick the eye, and viewers are always amazed to discover that these works are purely paint on canvas.   His childlike subjects range from beach and snow scenes to deserts, homes, multitudes of flowers, and so much more.  Take another look... You Will Be Fooled !" via Vickers Collection


"I don't like to give an artist statement because it undoes the premise of my work, trompe l'oeil painting. Literally from the French, trompe l'oeil means “trick the eye”. An artist's statement might undo the fundamental aim of convincing the viewer, at least for a moment, that what he sees are actual objects and not a painting. 


The basic rules of trompe l'oeil painting are that objects are rendered in real scale, and totally within a shallow painted space. 


This type of painting has always been a minor branch of realist painting, but with a very long history. The Athenian painters Xeuxis and Parrhasios in 5th century B.C. (as told by Pliny the Elder in his Natural History) and Roman murals of the 2nd century A.D., 16th century Dutch vanitas painting and the 19th century Philadelphia School painters, Harnett, Peto and Haberle, are examples. Today there are still trompe l'oeil painters around; I am happy to be one of them." - Bill Braun


Read more about Trompe l'Oeil here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Studio Space

Since we may be moving to a new studio space soon, I've put together a few ideas to add a little style to our nooks.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Artist Spotlight - Britten Roetzel

The artist: Known simply by her first name, Britten grew up in San Francisco where she learned to appreciate art at a young age. She’s lived in the Vail Valley for 14 years and works at C. Anthony Gallery where some of her work is nearly always hanging. Britten has painted many murals in the valley, including one she just finished at the Yoga studio at Dogma Athletica in Edwards. She’s also painted “everything from bathtubs to ski clothes,” she said.

Britten Roetzel 1

Britten calls painting her “gift” — both to give and to receive — and strives to translate her emotions into a visual language.

Britten Roetzel 2

The evolution: “I have painted as long as I can remember. I have always felt more comfortable expressing myself with a paint brush in hand. My mother eventually gave up and let me paint on the wall of my room, even my clothes. Now people pay me to do that! 

Britten Roetzel 3

“My art was very representational/realistic/more traditional until about two years ago when I decided to simplify and try to find my true expression. It has been a process ... unfolding on my canvas. At this point, I am truly at my most ‘real,’ even though my paintings represent what some would call an ‘alternative reality.’”

Britten Roetzel 4

The medium: Mixed. A base of acrylic paint followed by oil paint and resin, with gold, silver and copper leaf layered on canvas on a three-inch box frame. 

Britten Roetzel 5

The process: “My inspiration comes from being present in the moment. Whatever that moment is. I try to stay with it wherever it takes me. My medium has evolved with me. I like the layers (and) depth of different mediums, so I am constantly trying new things. My style is ‘evolution’ — maybe that sounds bold, but I mean it in a sense that it is fluid, up for interpretation and changing.” via Vail Daily

See more of her works here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Artist Spotlight - Simon Birch

“[Simon] Birch is interested in universal ideas of transition, the ambiguous moment between an initiation and a conclusion, the unobtainable now and the future, inevitably crashing towards us. For Birch these ideas translate easily from oil paint, to film, to installations, which engage with myth, history, circus and science fiction, connection and disconnect. He chooses to explore these themes in an enveloping environment of theater and spectacle, where the process of viewing becomes experiential: overwhelming and complex, yet as spectacle and adventure, also approachable.” (via Daily Art Fixx)







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