Sunday, July 24, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Kelley MacDonald

Sandi found Kelley MacDonald at Daily Painter Originals (tons of wonderful artist over there!).  Her work is just beautiful.

I was taken in by this lobster (I do have a love for almost all things ocean related!).  

Kelley MacDonald 6

Then I found the donuts! Oh happy day!

 Kelley MacDonald

And, of course, I'm a sucker for paintings with dogs.  This is part of a little series from a dog show she went to.

Kelley MacDonald 3

On her blog she posts new paintings anywhere from 3 - 6 times a week.  Amazing!

Kelley MacDonald 2

She lives in Rhode Island and has several sea inspired paintings.   

Kelley MacDonald 4

I really love the series she's created with rock pebbles picked up along the shore.  What a wonderful idea for a still life!

Kelley MacDonald 5

So go check out her blog.  She gives a little insight into each painting she posts.  And it's a lovely place to get lost for a while!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Thank you so much, Beth! You have such a positive and interesting blog! I've already checked out a number of featured artists - fabulous!

Fine Arts by Lynn Denise said...

Besides being a wonderful artist, Kelley is an amazing instructor. She is alo a kind and sincere person. Because of Kelley we all love our painting sessions.

Page Railsback said...

Kelley is an inspiration for a LOT of us

Linda Popple said...

I agree!! Kelley is fantastic and now I know your blog, too. It's a good day!! :-)


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