Monday, July 18, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Mincing Mockingbird

The Mincing Mockingbird is one of my absolute favorite artists.  His paintings, done in acrylic, typically have a lot of negative space and a lot of emotion.

Only Heard the Moon Laugh Once
I Have Only Heard the Moon Laugh Once, and Once Was Quite Enough

His titles are my favorite.  They actual enhance the painting - giving a little insight to the subject.

Sinister acts to which only the moon bears witness
Sinister Acts to Which Only the Moon Bears Witness

He has a wonderful blog, which he shares with his equally talented wife.

Attaining Godspeed
Attaining Godspeed

And check out his flickr for even more works.

Moments when my gaze goes vacant
Moments When My Gaze Goes Vacant

Five Years Spent chasing the horizon
Five Years Spent Chasing the Horizon

And of course his current works are available in his etsy shop!

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